Recently, Nick Gisburne posted a nine minute video on YouTube consisting of nothing but direct quotes from the Koran. The video is straightforward and uses Islam’s own words in implicating it as the violent religion that it is. YouTube in turn removed the video from the web site, and then put it back in the face of criticism.

Of the incident, Jason Miller writes:

At YouTube, you can say pretty much whatever you want, as long as it’s not about Islam. If that’s not true, YouTube user Nick Gisburne begs to differ after his account – his entire account – was deleted for its “inappropriate content.” What exactly did he say? Well, nothing really. He let the Koran speak for itself.

Everywhere in Europe and America even mentioning Islam in any sense that may imply something is inherently wrong or awful with the religion is immediately censored. Why don’t America and Europe just give up and surrender to the terrorists?

Every Muslim is not a terrorist, but most terrorists are Muslim.  It does not matter if they are Sunni or Shia. They hate us, and we should repay them in kind. I am so sick of the ACLU and other organizations protecting the rights of these fanatics. If you blow up children, you have no rights. Maybe the Jews should start blowing up buses so that Amnesty International treats them the same as Palestinians.

Did you know that the fifth most common name in England and the most common new baby name in Denmark is Muhammad? When will the world wake up to the fact that modern Islam is the biggest threat to western civilization in our history? Can we stop all pretending and actually fight these evil heathens?

Now some of the people on here will comment that they are not heathens or that Islam is not evil. I suppose they are right. Cutting off your daughter’s clitoris to keep her from committing adultery, beheading a son who marries a non-Islamic woman, cutting off hands and feet for offending the Koran, stoning non-believers and women who expose their skin in public to death, flying airplanes into buildings, blowing up school buses, and eating people alive is behavior that we as members of civilization should accept.

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